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An accidental neologism

You know, if you look down over the past month or so, I seem to be taking over this community. Doesn't anyone else have anything to say? Come on! By your own declaration you're word-smiths.

That said: this one I came up with by accident but pursued it until I could come up with something worthwhile.

I was writing a letter to a friend and I meant to type gushy (as in overly emotional) but I accidentally tossed in an "n" and wrote gunshy. Being a packrat in every way possible, I refused to throw this word out. It was now a word. It just needed a definition.

It took me a day or so to figure it out, but here's the definition.

Gunshy [pronounced 'gun-shee]- Overly emotional concerning guns and/or gun-control. Example: The NRA is populated by a lot of gunshy, heartless conservatives (Not necessarily my actual opinion, but the best illustration of proper usage.)

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